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All Success is Local

  There’s an old saying, often attributed to former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil, that “all politics are local.” He meant that a politician’s national success is directly tied to the issues that matter to their constituents at home. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how our success has become increasingly local. For… Continue reading.

Sex, Smart Phones, and Destination Visitors

  9% of U.S. adults interact with their cell phones during sex, according to a recent study. Did that crazy statistic get your attention? Because getting and holding your attention, it turns out, is becoming more challenging. This same study by Harris Interactive also cited 12% of Americans using their phones in the shower, 19%… Continue reading.

Empathy, Inc.

  What is the fundamental value that drives your business? A few years back, my partner Jim Moorkamp and I developed a description of PGAV Destinations’ practice based on three elements: Empathy, Strategy, and Innovation (ESI). We used a Venn Diagram (below) to describe the interrelated nature of these three. As time has passed, ESI… Continue reading.

Beyond the Civil War: A Tourism Advance on Appomattox

  Next April will be the 150th anniversary of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, which effectively ended America’s Civil War. And the Town of Appomattox is preparing for their Sesquicentennial commemoration in 2015. But they are also looking beyond 2015, for the creation of a more complete tourism destination. At the time… Continue reading.