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Budweiser Beer Experiences

Budweiser Beer Experiences

After passing over the “Cheers!” medallion, inspired by the classic AB logo, at the front gate, visitors have a variety of ways to enjoy the carefree atmosphere – at the bar made of reclaimed beech wood (the same wood the barrels AB’s craft beers are aged in), custom-made picnic tables, soft and low seating surrounding fire pits, or at intimate tables inspired by classic AB logos and advertisements pulled from the brewer’s archives. The beautiful fountain in the center of the Biergarten is made from four historical AB grants, from which brewmasters could control and sample the mashed malt extract in the Brew House.

Fun Fact

The 18-ft tall, 2,400 lb “B” that now greets visitors at the entrance of the Biergarten used to sit atop the Bevo bottling plant for more than 30 years as part of the iconic “Budweiser” sign.

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