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National Geographic’s Grand Canyon Visitor Complex

National Geographic’s Grand Canyon Visitor Complex

As the preeminent brand associated with exploration, research, and documentation of the world’s most important natural and cultural resources, National Geographic is uniquely positioned to serve as the guide to one of North America’s classic destinations: The Grand Canyon. The Visitor Center reconnects with established National Geographic audiences, as well as a new generation of members. By serving as a physical and intellectual “outfitter,” this destination empowers visitors to seek the best Canyon experience possible. Located near the entrance gate to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, this facility includes an IMAX film, Park Pass sales center, exhibits, themed retail and food service. All of these offerings are combined with interpretive themes related to the Canyon’s World Heritage Site status, Native American history, natural history, and natural environment.

Fun Fact

Inspired by a thrilling, personally-guided tour down into the canyon and over it in a helicopter, the PGAV team helped create the theme of the master plan to be “Let National Geographic Be Your Guide.”

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