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SeaWorld’s Explorer’s Reef

SeaWorld’s Explorer’s Reef

Explorer’s Reef serves as the themed, immersive entrance to SeaWorld San Diego, blending near-immediate animal engagement opportunities with ticketing, dining, and retail. As guests pass palm trees and expanses of sand, making them feel like they’re arriving at the beach, they walk beneath a massive, beautiful crashing wave. Once there, oversized coral provides a colorful canopy and immersive setting where guests can find bamboo sharks, cleaner fish, horseshoe crabs, and more in touch pools.

Fun Fact

Explorer’s Reef is a cutting-edge advancement as one of the best examples of engaging guests with live animals as early as possible in their visit, along with a beautiful, immersive environment that makes them feel part of another world.

Awards and Achievements

When Explorer’s Reef opened, it netted a rating of “Excellent” from 92.5% of attraction guests, setting an all-time guest satisfaction record for a single SeaWorld attraction.

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